He has gained an immense amount of experience throughout the years in developing software’s to meet the expectations of his clients over the years. In order to satisfy the clients requirements, He has determined to go further and achieve the objectives within the given set of time period.  He consider himself to be well knowledgeable about the subject and is flexible when making decisions and is eager to take up each and every opportunity for the well-being of his clients.


Been creative, open minded, and thinking outside the box are considered as only a few of his greatest strengths. In the process of designing his client’s artworks and developments Malith is eager to take up their views as well as their ideas before creating the most satisfactory piece of work for their expectation.


Creating innovative designs that transcends to a contemporary outcome of the product is of utmost important in today’s day and age. To do so he understand that customers will require, from him, a very dynamic relationship towards there visions and end goal. where the only thing constant is change it self Malith will work persistently towards the current market trends.

User Experience Designer

UX Design is not just designing a nice visual at the end. It also requires much focus on human-computer interaction, human behaviors, psychology and understanding why people do what they do. In this role, Malith works as a Senior UX Designer and carry out duties such as gathering UI requirements, researching, identifying demographics, specifying non-functional requirements, wireframes, UI architecture, contextual design and laying out storyboards.

UI Developer/ Interaction Designer/ Technical Designer

Malith has greatest strength in software development is the deep understanding of both design and development (strengths/ limitations of technologies). He is well capable of emerging these 2 ends in a highly productive manner so that the fellow team members can easily interact with code. He drives the flat design to a highly usable and accessible product by improving & applying Usability Engineering techniques..


As a Freelancer, Malith helps organizations to solve their business challenges, marketing strategies, branding strategies from paper based to media to touch-less Kinnect applications. He is an expert in Branding, development of interfaces for web applications, portals, intranet applications, public facing web sites, mobile applications, responsive web UI, surface applications and Kinnect applications.

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